4 Of Poblacion’s Most Memorable Speakeasies

The district of Poblacion in Makati has been a continually evolving hotbed of grub, libation and fun nights for the better part of the past decade. But things can change at such a pace that if you’ve been absent for a couple of months, it’s easy to miss the new players in town. Here’s a shortlist of speakeasies you should definitely check out (or simply come back to). 

Run Rabbit Run

Stepping in through its inviting red door welcomes you to the dimly lit stylings of Run Rabbit Run. In its cozy, yet chic ambiance, you can enjoy a confluence of flavors from the Philippines and Singapore – concocted in delightfully refreshing cocktails, all of which as stylish as its dwelling. 

The Essentials

  • 4991 P. Guanzon St, Poblacion, Makati
  • (0908) 897-0668
  • Tues – Wed, 1800hrs – 0100hrs
  • Thurs – Sat, 1800hrs – 0300hrs
  • Sun & Mon, Closed


A favorite of Poblacion’s beautiful people, Polilya’s glass walls gets you a glimpse of its relaxing, albeit lively, environs. Inside, you can enjoy the breadth of Engkanto Brewery’s offerings, and a thoughtful selection of cocktails certain to satisfy any palate. 

The Essentials

  • 5658 Jacobo St, beside Z Hostel, Poblacion, Makati
  • (0917) 502 9590
  • Open daily from 1800hrs – 0200hrs


Another popular haunt of scenesters, NoKal’s second level frequently transforms into a packed dance floor once the hour strikes party. But on quieter days (which doesn’t come often), its leather couches and faint illumination makes it a chill spot to enjoy your poison of choice. 

The Essentials

  • 8486 Kalayaan Avenue Makati, Poblacion, Makati
  • (0917) 318 1385
  • Open daily from 1000hrs – 0300hrs


Making the list of Asia’s Best Bars of 2019, OTO is a craft cocktail room, specialty coffee shop, and listening room all packaged in one hip hangout. As you might expect from such an outfit, you’ll have the backdrop of cool beats as you sip on their selection of signature drinks. 

The Essentials

  • 5880 Enriquez Street, Poblacion, Makati
  • (0917) 836-1516
  • Open from 1000hrs – 0200hrs

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