6 Flower Delivery Shops in Manila with Unique Blooms

There’s a saying that goes “Better late than never”. We say, why be late when you can do it any day? 

Valentine’s may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give a loved one a bouquet today. If you’re looking for unique blooms to gift, look no further than these flower delivery shops in Metro Manila. This list includes a floral shop with roses in glass cases, paper flowers, and one that uses recycled materials for its packaging. 

Crafted Love

If you want to give something that won’t just wilt and go to trash in a few days, go for Crafted Love’s custom-made paper flowers. These flowers range from peonies to poinsettias to carnations, and are personally handcrafted upon order by an artist (who also does bullet journaling for fun. Check them out on @bujomanila), and come in a wide array of fun, everlasting colors. Hit them up if you want to learn how to DIY paper flowers too.  

Fiora Manila

Another way to enjoy your flowers for a long time is to order a preserved bouquet – real flowers that look fresh and flexible for years. For that, you can count on Fiora Manila. This luxury florist is among the first to offer such roses in the Philippines – and also among the pioneers in the country when it comes to fresh flower buckets. They also offer dryable gysophilas and unique arrangements that include roses and macarons; Nutella and roses; and roses and a Russian teddy that comes straight from Moscow and is personally crafted by artist Ekaterina Lepnitskaya. They also offer preserved roses in capsules. 

Fiori di Marghi 

Celebrated Pinay chef Margarita Fores is best known for her elevated dishes, but lately she is making the rounds for another passion of hers: flower arrangements. At Fiori di Marghi, Margarita crafts tasteful floral pieces made with fresh flowers and sustainable, recycled materials like used ties and dried wheat, vines, and leaves. She even created “sustainable Christmas logs with dried hydrangeas, eucalyptus blooms, pine cones, and fallen wood” for Yule clients. She also loves using succulents to spruce up the usual flower combos. 


Petalier is popular for its Ecuadorian roses, which come in a variety of colors and arrangements, from the traditional bouquet to boxes of different shapes and sizes. For special occasions, order their cute balloons-and-roses combos. Recently, the Manila-based flower shop also began offering preserved roses, which, with proper care, can last up to 10 years.

The Flower Farm

The Flower Farm creates all-homegrown flowers, which come straight from its 7.2-hectare flower nursery in Tagaytay. Thus, you’re guaranteed you’re getting only fresh, export-quality blooms – the same blooms sourced by many hotels and retail shops in Tagaytay. The farm specializes in chrysanthemums and gerberas (40 and 20 varieties, respectively). They also grow and sell anthuriums, sunflowers, celosia, and amaryllis on season. Fancy something different? Ask for their potted herbs and ornamentals. 

The Glass House Flowers

Perhaps the only one of its kind in the Philippines, The Glass House Flowers sells preserved and fresh flowers encased in “glass houses”. These flowers are so popular that online orders have sold out for the entire month of February a week before Valentine’s Day.

The glass cases come in all sports of shapes: cylindrical, heart, rectangular, and more. You can also request for calligraphy or lettering to be done on the case to make them more personalized. Balloons may be ordered in addition to flowers and can be customized too. 

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