Amazing Korean Restaurants in Cebu

Who else has been bingeing on K-dramas and listening to K-pop bands lately? Aside from the popularity of Korean music and television shows, Korean food has also become one of the trendiest cuisines among Pinoys of late.

In the past few years, hundreds of Korean restaurants serving shabu-shabu (hotpot) and all-you-can-eat samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) with unlimited side dishes have mushroomed in major cities across the country. Aside from Metro Manila, you can find a lot of unlimited Korean BBQ joints in the Queen City of the South, Cebu, as it’s home to a sizable Korean population – mainly consisting of students, retirees and entrepreneurs.

Here are just a few Korean restaurants in Cebu that you can check out.

Chosun Galbi

Chosun Galbi is an authentic Korean restaurant in Cebu City with two branches, including one near the IT Park Cebu and another in Banilad.

Regardless of what you order, diners are served with a variety of side dishes in generous portions. Top recommended dishes include the Yookgaejang (a soup of chopped beef with various condiments), Galbijjim (steamed beef short ribs with soy sauce, sesame oil garlic, sugar, wine, onions, and black pepper) and Chosun galbi jip jeonsik (soybean paste stew, kimchi stew. Stir-fried pork, egg scup, grilled fish and side dishes), to name a few.

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Kaya Korean BBQ

Kaya Korean BBQ is another Korean dining spot in Cebu’s Bonifacio District often recommended by locals. Known for their smoky flavors and complimentary side dishes, Kaya Korean BBQ dishes out melt-in-your-mouth Korean BBQ, Grilled Ddukgalbi with shrimp, Samgyupsal, Chamchi jjigae, tasty Kimchi and Manduramyun and more.

For an extra kick, try their Spicy Beef BBQ or splurge on their premium 14-day aged meat or rib-eye, known for its excellent marbling.

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Samgyupsalamat Unli-Korean BBQ

Metro Manila’s famous Unlimited Samgyeopsal (Korean BBQ) is a certified hit in Cebu City, where it operates several branches. Since they opened, Samgyupsalamat has quickly become one of the favorite go-to restaurants for Cebuanos craving for unlimited Korean BBQ.

Their menu combines eat-all-you-can flavored pork and beef with five variants each, as well as unlimited side dishes, rice and iced tea, offering high value for money for hungry diners. Like most Korean restaurants, the typical side dishes include onion, radish, kimchi, marble potato, fried sweet potato, fish cake, japchae, pamoochim (julienned green onions), denjang soup (stew with fermented soybean paste), geran jjim (Korean steamed egg), lettuce and rice.

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Premier the Samgyupsal

With all Korean BBQ restaurants out there, a restaurant has to offer something more to stand out. For avid samgyupsal junkies, Premier the Samgyupsal offers a cut above the rest literally in terms of quality. This unlimited KBBQ and shabu-shabu restaurant in Mandaue uses only premium ingredients.

Because they use a process to age meat, the BBQ is never dry or bland. Instead, the morsels are tender and tastier, comparable to the texture of a premium steak. The cuts of meat are carefully selected to have abundant marbling or streaks of fat, ensuring in a melt-in-your-mouth dining experience.

Expect nine meat variants and 14 assorted side dishes and appetizers including: fish cake, pork yangneom, singkamas, Korean sausage, sweet cucumber, pink radish, potato marble, sweet potato, sweet onion, dubu jorim/tofu, spicy jang/quail egg, and aehobak muchim/zucchini, for a quality and extremely filling dining experience.

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