Quarantine Finds: PattyLou’s Kitchen Serving You Awesome Cookies One Bite at a Time

Photo by PattyLou's Kitchen

Because, choco chip cookies.

If there is one thing that the lockdown has made all of us do, it would be browsing through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for recipe hacks to try at home, or simply food to order and consume immediately upon its arrival. For me, it was the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie ever.

Enter, PattyLou’s Kitchen.

Relatively new to the cookie game online, I decided to give their cookies a try, all the time wondering if I made the right choice. (Disclaimer: I am no cookie expert, but I know what I like in my choco chip cookies). There are other famous brands after all and have been baking cookies far longer than PattyLou’s Kitchen. But if there is one thing I learned from this lockdown, it’s supporting the small businesses because they need it the most.

How it all started

PattyLou’s Kitchen is a small business venture between good friends, Patty Yap and LouLou Reyes. The brand is a combo of both their names and it started when Patty, a stylist, tasted the cookies of her friend, Chef LouLou baked. Lou shared the recipe with Patty and they decided to start PattyLou’s Kitchen, stat. They were supposed to launch the brand last March but because of the current pandemic, they had to shift to selling on social media instead. Not a bad place to start if you ask me, since orders have been coming in for their munchies.

And boy, am I glad I gave their cookies a try. Here are five reasons why you should, too:

Value for money

Let’s face it, money is a scarce resource these days. It’s important to make the most out of what you have and that includes food. Unlike most of its competition, the cookies of PattyLou’s Kitchen are reasonably priced. You could tell they did not scrimp on ingredients. It’s loaded with the good stuff. They focused on the quality of the product and not on the frills that normally just end up acking up the expense. Five cookies will cost you only Php245, while a box of ten big cookies is pegged at Php450.

Sweetened just right

It’s difficult to find choco chip cookies that aren’t overly sweet or bland in flavor. Chances are though, you’ll find yourself munching on a cookie with sugar level at 200%. Their cookies however, aren’t as cheesy sweet as those loveteams you see on TV.

Gooey and chewy

I like my cookies soft, chewy and gooey. The kind that makes a bit of a mess and leaves melted chocolate on your fingers for you to lick on like a happy five-year-old kid. Some cookies are just crumbly and chunky. We tested how soft the cookies would stay if left in the ref for a couple of nights. Without the help of a microwave oven, they were surprisingly soft still and easy to break.

Prompt delivery

Since the quarantine period started, the demand for food delivery has increased tenfold. It has been a struggle for Grab, Lalamove and other service providers as they operate on limited manpower. So, I didn’t expect for my order to be delivered on time. It’s things like this that customers remember and return for a repeat order.

Flavor variety

If you’re tired of the basic choco chip cookie, you can opt for the other flavors that PattyLou’s Kitchen is offering. They have Double Chocolate, Smores and Crinkles. Baking soon is their ube cheese crinkle. This we can’t wait to try!

What’s new on the menu?

Apart from their delish cookies, PattyLou’s now has Cheesy Beef Lasagna which is also a best-seller among its customers. Coming soon is their mouthwatering version of Baby Back Ribs.

Don’t just take our word for it. You have to try their products for yourself.

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